September 18, 2011

Back and Forth

It's been decided. Lil' L and I will be returning to Ecuador to visit Daddy in November.  We will be there for 3 months at least, maybe 4. This time, however, will be the first time that we will be down in South America during their summer. I thought it was well enough hot during their winter months, I can't imagine how hot it is going to be this next time that we are there. Luckily for those of us up north who are heading into winter, all the summer baby clothes are on sale, which means a shopping spree for Lil' L , in order to be well equipped for life on the beach.  Packing is the hard part, especially with how quickly Lil' L is changing. Last time we went I brought way too many things with me that I never ended up using, and found myself wishing that I had brought things that I didn't.
This time around I am bringing cloth diapers, which I will have to wash by hand, so I've been experimenting with what type of diaper is the easiest to wash, and the fastest to dry.  I have decided on using Indian cotton prefolds in GroVia shells, and bringing my own "Tiny Bubbles" laundry detergent. Last time, I resorted to using disposables, but found myself regretting that decision as they were incredibly expensive, and irritated Lil' L's cute little bum.  Aside from the diaper stash, the only other things I am bringing are short sleeved onesies, baby sunscreen, hats, a baby wrap, toys and sippy cups.
The travel time from Vancouver, BC to Quito, Ecuador is approximately 16 hours, which was no problem last time we went to visit, as Lil' L was only 2 months old and literally slept the whole way. This time though..... I don't know what I'm going to do! This little guy is always moving non- stop, and has decided that he doesn't need to sleep during the day anymore, so the thought of 16 hours of travel, by myself, with a crazy baby, is a little bit daunting to me. I would really appreciate the help from anybody who can give me some tips for travelling long distance with a 7 month old.
So now I'm off to start making lists... after all, I only have a month and half to get ready... chao!

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Anonymous said...

Here's a few things that I learned when I flew alone to Mexico with my 9 month old.
1-Fly at night for the majority of your flight. Not sure if you already booked your flight, but if you can, I highly recommend it. I had a much shorter flight, but found that it really made a difference. We departed an hour or so after his typical bedtime and he slept most of the way in a sling. Be warned though that I wasn't allowed to keep him in a carrier for take-off or landing (a safety concern???).
2-Others are very helpful. There was a very kind guy sitting beside me that held my son several times, including while I went to the bathroom. I'm sure someone (a flight attendant?) will do the same for you if you are comfortable leaving him for a couple minutes.
3-Now that he's eating more food, pack TONNES of snacks for him. Check with your airline but they are pretty lenient with baby stuff. I usually don't recommend soothing your kids with food, but this is an exception.
4-Bring a cup with a lid for yourself (a coffee cup?) so that you can have a drink without your son spilling it on the two of you.
5-Ask if there are any empty seats and ask if you can be seated next to one. There weren't any when I flew but they sat my in the very last row (in front of the bathroom-not super pleasant) where there was extra space beside the window next to me. I kept a bag there so I didn't need to get up and bother the person next to me. My son could have even played there if he hadn't slept the whole time.

Good luck!