September 26, 2011

A busy week

Sorry to anyone who follows me, I haven't posted in a few days, it has been a very busy week. I am going to pick up where we left off, with Lil' L and his peaches. So peaches round one went OK, he made more of a mess than anything, but I am pretty sure that he did actually eat a bit of his peach slime. We tried peaches again the next day, but I think the peach was a bit too tart because he definitely did not like peaches round two, so I gave him some pear instead. Lil' L likes pears! I have found out he also likes steamed carrots and homemade yam fries. I'd have to say his favorites are the yam fries though, by far! He just loves them, and so do I. The yam fries are very easy to make. I just peeled and chopped up a large yam into finger sized pieces, tossed them with a little bit of olive oil and baked them in the oven at 400 F for 25 minutes.

We went for our 6 month visit with the public health nurse. This visit with the nurse is generally intended solely for the purpose of administering the 6 month immunizations. Lil' L is not immunized, but they suggested we go anyhow to have his weight and height checked and to make sure that everything else was well with him. I was dreading the visit as the nurse always questions my decision and puts pressure on me to do something that I really feel strongly about not doing. Lil' L is not getting immunized, at least not for now. Don't get me wrong, I am not anti vaccine, I just believe that it is best for us to delay the vaccinations until Lil' L is older. I cannot understand how injecting all those toxins at once into one tiny little body can be any good! So we are waiting until Lil' L is at least a year old until we start his vaccinations, and at that time we will adopt an alternative vaccination schedule. He will receive the shots one at a time and spaced 6 months apart to allow his body to recuperate. He will also be receiving only the very critical vaccinations. He will not be immunized for chickenpox, MMR, Hepatitis B, HPV or the flu. After listening to the spiel from the nurse about how important the vaccinations are, Lil' L was weighed and measured. He has always weighed in on the chart on the 50th percentile...always, and so it remains. Turns out though, that with his length he is now in the 90th percentile. I thought he seemed tall for his age compared to other babies that I know, and it turns out to be so. Strange, considering myself and Lil' L's dad are both quite short.

The final bit of excitement this week for Lil' L was our road trip that we took yesterday. Lil' L absolutely HATES his car seat. I have always carried him in a baby sling or a wrap and we walk almost everywhere, so I think he feels very detached and lonely in his car seat in the back of the car all by himself. He always cries in the car, so I was not thinking optimistically about our trip. I had to find a new home for our two cats, as Lil' L and I will be living in Ecuador part time until DH can get into Canada, so having my cats just was not realistic. After 8 years I had to find them a new home. Luckily, a past coworker agreed to adopt my two girls, and we arranged to meet halfway (he lives 8 hours away from me). We got up at 4am, loaded the kitties into the car, in went baby and off we were. I thought for sure that Lil' L was going to be fussy and cry on the trip, but to be completely honest (to my pleasant surprise) he didn't cry at all. Not one peep!!! He did so well, I was so proud of him!!!

So that is that. The past few days all wrapped up. I will try to keep on top of it a bit better from now on, I promise!

xo Erin

Oh yeah! I almost forgot!!! Lil' L sat up all by himself for the first time!! Check it out!!!

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