September 7, 2011

First things first...Let me introduce myself!

I am the person that said that they were NEVER going to have children. Simply put, it was just not something that I felt was necessary in my life, and I spent a lot of time convincing everybody around me that I was not ever going to be a mother. Well, it turns out that I was wrong (much to the delight of my parents). I am now a very proud, happy mommy to the most gorgeous baby boy in the world - Lil ' L.
I never planned to be a mommy, so as you can imagine,  life got very REAL very quickly. 

I am a mother that supports "natural" parenting methods, meaning that I practice breastfeeding, co sleeping, cloth diapering and baby wearing. We are also trying out part time EC (elimination communication) as well as baby sign language. I believe in raising my son in a healthy environment. We use eco-friendly products, eat organic food, and support our local markets whenever possible. I try my best to follow the 3 R's in hopes that Lil' L will have the opportunity to enjoy our beautiful world.

Being half Canadian and half Ecuadorian, Lil' L is bilingual. He babbles in both English and Spanish, and absolutely LOVES his salsa music. While we are here in Canada I am raising Lil' L as a single mother.  I'm not going to lie, it is a challenge, however I believe that it will only help me to become a more patient and aware parent.  Lil' L's father would love to help us out, but sadly has been denied a visitor's permit to Canada, therefore, we are forced to wait through the lengthy Canadian immigration process. Hopefully if all goes well, he will be able to come join us in our home within a year and a half. Until then, Lil' L and I must travel back and forth between Canada and Ecuador every few months. What an adventure!Through this blog I hope to share my mommy experiences with you. You will find information on the daily ups and downs of  raising Lil' L as a single mom, trying to teach him two languages (so he can talk to his daddy), our immigration journey, and our travels to and from Ecuador. You will also find information on various aspects of natural parenting. I hope you enjoy!

Follow Lil' L and I as we take on REAL life!


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aine said...

It really shows that you enjoy taking care of your cute Lil' L. Being a mom eats a lot of energy (and time), it is such a very tiring task. But what is so rewarding with this, is knowing that at the end of the day you would still have that big smile on your face as you see your baby learns each and every milestone he takes.