October 16, 2011

The chompers are a comin'

Lil'L is a drooler. We cannot make it through the day without changing his shirt at least two or three times and a bib is always a necessity. I had been convinced as a result of his excessive salivation, that I would be seeing his first tooth very soon after he turned four months old. All the signs were there: increased salivation, gnawing on things, hands in his mouth.....I was even convinced that he was in pain. But month after month passed with no emerging teeth. Well, now it's all caught up! Lil' L has been fussier than usual lately. It seems that I cannot even put him down for a second to go to the bathroom without him crying hysterically. He's always been a high needs baby, but this was ridiculous.
A couple of days ago when he was upset, he decided to jam one of my fingers into his mouth to chew on, and to my surprise, I felt a tooth! I was so excited! Finally a tooth! Now I understood why he was being so cranky. I looked at his gums to see where his first tooth was coming in, and saw not only one, but two little teeth ripping their way through Lil' L's gums!
I thought teethcame one by one, so I was really really surprised to see two....then today, when I was wiping il' L's gums, I felt another!  Poor little guy, it's no wonder he's been so upset lately. His first 3 teeth have decided to make a group entrance.
I've taken extra measure to help ease his pain...amber teething bracelet AND necklace, hazelwood necklace, homeopathic camilia....and when nothing seems to be working a dose of infant tylenol. I just had to administer the latter...Lil' L could not be calmed, and now 30 minutes later, he's sleeping like a baby (which is a funny saying, because babies don't really sleep that deeply...at least not mine).

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