September 12, 2011

Is raising your child as a vegetarian healthy?

Eating a predominantly vegetarian diet (I haven't eaten red meat in over 10 years, and just recently started to eat fish & poultry) I have been wondering lately what steps I need to take to ensure that Lil' L is going to have a healthy diet, and if it is going to be safe for me to raise him as a vegetarian. I came across an article written by Dr. Sears that does a good job of answering a few (of many) of my questions, and I thought I would share it with you all! Check it out HERE!

Also, a few good books on the subject:

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Donna said...

This is great. Thanks for sharing this! I've been a vegetarian for almost three years now. Though, I've gone back to eating fish. This is a good reference to give people when they say vegetarianism isn't healthy (ya, people really do say that!)