September 8, 2011

Just a little bit of history.... our immigration dilema

When I found out I was pregnant, I was in Ecuador. I felt that for the safety of my child, and to save up money before the birth, that it was in my best interests to return to Canada. It was at this time that we applied for the first visitor's visa for Lalo. We had hoped that it would be approved in order that he could join me in Canada to be support through my pregnancy. Sadly it was denied. We were not given a reason other than that we did not submit sufficient documentation, so we decided to try again. The second time we applied for a visa, we sent everything we could think of including extras such as my income statements, bank documents, notarized letters and ultrasound photos. We were keeping our fingers crossed, hoping that we would find out in time for Lalo to join me in Canada for the birth of Lil'L. Again we were denied. I was devastated. It was bad enough that I had to go through my pregnancy alone, but the thought of my baby's father having to miss his birth because of political bs made me really really angry. Again, we were not give a reason as to why the visa was denied.
Once Lil'L was born, I applied immediately for his birth certificate. It takes approximately 3 weeks to arrive. This was the key document, it is the one thing that I needed to apply for Lil'L's passport. Note: Having passport photos taken of a 3 week old baby is a tricky challenge. The passport application was sent off, and a few weeks later we had all the documents needed for our first trip to Ecuador to visit Daddy.
 Lil' L and I made our first trip to ecuador when he was 2 months old, this was the soonest we could possibly go. The journey there takes about 15 hours, and thanks to some major screwups by the airlines I was travelling, we ended up being in transit for 26 hours total. Luckily for me Lil' L slept for most of the trip.

Finally Lil'L got to meet his daddy. It was beautiful. While I was in Ecuador we got married, and for the third time, applied for a visitor's visa. We were sure we would get it this time, and were planning on Lalo to return to Canada with us.  Sadly, at the last minute, we were once again informed that the application had been denied. We have no hope in obtaining a visitors visa. The reason that was given this time, was that Lalo had family in Canada, and because of this fact, was unable to satisfy immigration that he would return to Ecuador after 6 months.

Lil' L and I stayed in Ecuador for 2 months. We are now back in Canada dealing with Immigration and trying to plan our next trip to visit Daddy. It is so sad that my son doesn't have the opportunity to have his father present, especially when his Daddy wants nothing more than to be with us.  Hopefully we can get this all settled soon, but realistically, with a wait time of about 16 months for immigration applications to be processed, I have a feeling we are going to be making a few more trips to Ecuador.
Wish us luck.....we need it.

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