October 7, 2011

2 Weeks to Go!

We have exactly 2 weeks left until we leave for Ecuador! Lil' L's daddy is soooo excited to be seeing him so soon! It is a hard thing, preparing to leave for so long with such a little guy. The trip itself is daunting enough, let alone the prep. I have so much to do. I have to prep my home for the winter, get packed, track down some baby safe bug repellant and medicines. I have to go to the doctor, and also try to predict what toys Lil' L will be interested in in 4 months from now, so that I bring stuff he is actually going to use! On top of everything, there is apparently an outbreak of African Measles in Ecuador right now, and I've heard (although not confirmed) that they are administering mandatory measles vaccines upon arrival into the country. Considering that Lil' L is unvaccinated, with no plans of receiving any needles anytime soon, this scares me. Guess if I don't have a choice, then he's getting his measles vaccine (one of the scariest ones) early. I also have to find a christmas gift for the little guy, considering that we will be in Ecuador for his first christmas, and it is much easier to find quality toys here in Canada than it is over there.

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