October 2, 2011

Another year without WINTER!!!

We have our tickets booked!!! We leave for Ecuador in 3 weeks exactly. It is exciting but scary considering how broke we are. I have a plan as long as we get there. I'm going to make cookies and sell them on the beach...and maybe make crepes on the street at night. DH is going to give surf lessons, and I am also going to do haircuts for tourists (I'm a professional hairdresser by trade).  Hopefully it will be enough, but regardless we will all be together, and that is what is important! On the upside, with the weather getting colder and colder here in Canada, I am happy to be escaping yet another winter. I still haven't heard anything back yet from Immigration Canada regarding our application, so I'm not getting my hopes up that my husband will be joining us in Canada anytime soon. That's okay for now though, because I don't mind having to be on a tropical beach everyday :)

If anyone is interested in visiting Ecuador, here is a great opportunity to relax, surf and enjoy yoga on the beach! The cheapest (but best) all women surf camp in Ecuador ! http://www.supgirlz.com/surfcamp/   Just say that Erin from Canada sent you !


gustosa giveaways said...

Be positive always. Your little L would be so happy, and Christmas would be so meaning for your family.

nori said...

hey Erin. Just wanted to tell you I'm enjoying your blog! Keep uo the good work! Have a safe trip. Xxx