October 1, 2011

Way too much excitement!

Life has never been so exciting for Lil' L as it has been over the past few days. He has experienced so many new things. At times I think it is too much for him and that he is getting overwhelmed, but then again, everyday is a new day for him with new things, so I guess it's just normal.  To start off with, Uncle Dan and Auntie Sarah just arrived back into Canada after traveling the world for the past 2 1/2 years.  They came and visited us when we were in Ecuador the last time, as they were driving their motorcycle from Argentina home to Canada, and were "passing through" while we were there. They are very happy to be home, and although they remember Lil' L he certainly does not remember them......so....new people!!!! 
Because we have family in town, Gramps decided to have a big party out at his farm. Lil' L used to have cats, big, fat, lazy cats that just sat around, but Gramps has kittens! Two of them infact! Lil' L LOVES the kittens and they seem to love him back. He just wants to touch them as much as he can, but we have to be careful because he doesn't realize his own strength, and grabs things (ears, faces etc.) and pulls them as hard as he can...so,  poor kitties. Tonight was also the first time Lil' L has seen fire! I do not know a person who doesn't enjoy watching fires burn, so it was no surprise when Lil' L caught a glimpse of the flickering light, and couldn't take his eyes off of it. He was so mesmerized by the bonfire, that I'm pretty sure he would have been content sitting there and watching it burn all night long. 
So that is just a quick rundown of our last couple days filled with excitement. Busy, busy, busy!!!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! We booked our tickets to Ecuador. We leave in 3 weeks....finally Lil' L gets to see his daddy again!!! Now, to get everything sorted out....

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